Aksel Braanen Sterri

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Photo: Matthis Kleeb Solheim

I’m a postdoctoral researcher, affiliated with the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and OsloMet, and a Junior Research Fellow at Linacre College, Oxford.

My research interests are at the intersection of ethics and economics. The focus of my post-doctoral work (funded by the Norwegian Research Council) is on ethical aspects of contagion, both in relation to infectious and non-communicable diseases. The project builds on my Ph.D. thesis in philosophy, where I examine our duties to participants in delicate market transactions.

Selected work:

Work under review or in progress:

  • Ethical solutions to the problem of organ shortage, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics w/ Sadie Regmi and John Harris
  • Global redistributive auction for vaccine allocation, w/ Peder Skjelbred
  • The insurance account of pandemic obligations
  • Vaccination and the principle of beneficence
  • Health priority, the All-Inclusive View, and discrimination, w/ Albert Didriksen
  • The (economic) value of animal lives, w/ Rasmus B Holmen

Email: akselbst (at) gmail.com 
Twitter: @AkselSterri
Phone: +44 7522137144
Latest PP: AI, work, power, Lecture 18 March 2022